Smart Living

Mankind has always worked on improving the way of living, dreams start from an idea driven by a need, and come to life by the masterminds who work hard to achieve them.

The population is growing, and the need for a more secured city, with smarter navigation, intelligent interaction, and environmentally friendly innovation is rapidly increasing.

Smart Cities will help us live better, and will reduce the cost of living better, whilst improving our way of living. Below are some samples of how smart living could help us live better:

Smart Home

Smart homes are the basis of Smart Cities, where our city interacts with us, and gives us the comfort of control and safety, it would logically start from the one place where us and our family spend most of our time.

Below are some samples of how smart homes could help us live better:

  • Smart homes will have more efficient cooling/heating mechanisms and insolation/isolation, to help us optimize our energy usage, save our kids’ future, and saves our spending on energy.
  • Smart homes will utilize the renewable energy better, by having the devices that would directly work with this energy, yet efficient enough to maximize the utilization.
  • Smart locking & unlocking of our doors, having our access control respond to our proximity, and when needed, our remote decision to open the door while we are inside or outside our home. All while logging all the transactions happening near our doors by video, photo and access records.
  • Smart control for lights and mood lighting. Which will be based on our direct, scheduled or system’s learning process, depending on your decision and how you would want it to operate. Which can save you money and secure your home by automatically reacting to your daily routines and preferences. You can set your lights to slowly brighten when you want to wake up, turn on for shorter periods when you’re away to make it look like someone is home, turn off automatically when you leave the house, and so much more.
  • Control your music system across the house, along with your entertainment system, and have the in-room speakers be controlled globally and locally in each room, while being able to utilize your music system for phone conferencing, talking with your home, or even talking with the household people who are in the other rooms.
  • Call Mama function, to monitor and hear your kids, yet talk with them, using the home entertainment system.

Smart Energy

This unit is responsible for researching, localizing and developing the most efficient energy solutions. The researchers are concentrating on three dimensions, using energy efficient machineries, utilizing the right isolation/insulation methods, and renewable energy utilization. The unit aims to provide feasible solutions, considering Gulf Region specifics while researching. Whilst, concentrating on the green environment and long term cost efficiency solutions.

Access Control

Smart locking & unlocking of our doors while we are at the office, shopping, or travelling on vacation and our housekeeping, delivery, or an unwanted person is near the door, then we have our access control respond to our proximity, and when needed, our remote decision to open the door whilst we are inside or outside our home. All while logging all the transactions happening near our doors by video, photo, and access records. You can see who is at your door, then optionally answer the bell to talk and then open the door, turn on the front light, or call the police.

Smart Surveillance

With smart surveillance solution, you will rest assured that your building is being monitored, your home is safe, and your car is safe in the parking and if you live in a stand-alone villa, your house is safe. You will be able to monitor, and the system will monitor intelligently and alert you. Every camera in your house, indoor or outdoor will work as an additional eye, even the camera in your intercom system will optionally work as a motion detector. Your security system will alert you when exceptions happen, when a person shouts near or inside the swimming pool area, when a person comes at an odd hour near your walls, or when someone comes inside your home while you are at work or on vacation.

In addition to that, you will be able to watch your kids when they use the common facilities in the building, or your guests while commuting to your flat.

This solution along with the remaining pieces of the smart home will work in complete harmony to alert, record, and make you live safer with comfort.

Smart Interaction

Smart Spaces are not only about smartly controlling your home or appliances; it is also about being able to interact smartly with the stakeholders.

Smart interaction solution provides the property owners, tenants, property management and even maintenance companies a handy tool to facilitate their timely interaction and enhance the efficiency to new levels.

Smart Interaction Solution automates the interaction and the work flow between tenants, building management, property owners, maintenance company and even real-estate agents smartly.

The solution will remind the tenants to pay the rent, let the owners know the delayed payments, let the property manager know the maintenance requests and performance, put the vacant flats on the web for rent, and many other workflows that are needed for easier and better interaction.

As an example, follows is the maintenance workflow for rented space:

  • Tenant is having an issue that needs maintenance, take the photo, write the comment then send your request
  • The request pops up to the property management responsible person who would be able to evaluate, put his comments and assign the request to the right team or company.
  • The property owner is alerted with all of the requests and would be able to track each of the requests and the response time.
  • The pre-assigned maintenance company, or in-building assistant will have the request automatically received.
  • The technician or the company will schedule the visit to the apartment with the tenant and the building officer to conduct the inspection and maintenance.
  • Property owner would see the statistics of the property maintenance
  • Any work or cost would be logged into the system and at certain thresholds, the cost is subject to the property management/owner approval.
  • The tenant is then asked about his review and evaluation for the work performed.
  • The system logs and tracks the maintenance performance and statistics, which helps providing intelligent analysis for each of property’s activities and interactions.

Smart Hospital

Smart Cities will have smarter hospitals, and smarter records of the people, that are easily accessible yet secured and private. And that can tell the unwell where to go otherwise what to do to achieve the best results. Which will also enable the concept of decentralized healthcare.

In addition to the high-performance networks, the smart hospital infrastructure also incorporates real-time continuous environmental surveillance, monitoring key environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, airborne particulates, differential room pressure, air quality, light, and sound. The data from these sensors provide analytic information used for infection control, facilities management, and patient safety. Real-time alerts are generated any time a potentially hazardous or undesirable condition is detected, allowing for immediate response and remediation. This monitoring enables critical devices, such as freezers, to be continuously monitored, ensuring regulatory compliance as well as the integrity of critical specimen or laboratory samples.

Smart School

  • Wifi Enabled Services

  • Anywhere Alerting

  • Smart Video Surveillance

  • Alerts & GPS Tracking

  • Smart Motion Detection

  • Smart Attendance

  • Students Tracking

  • Watch Live From Home

The schools and children transportation will be safer, this will help us know where the kids are, and it will allow us to monitor our kids and see them live on our smart devices. It would also alert us when they most need us, for example, we would know before their bus arrives to go and escort them, and know when they need our help either by alerting us or the system alerting us in accordance to the preset rules.