Maintenance & Support

Maintenance & Support

Eureka is a premier service provider with fast, reliable service to help reduce your costs and downtime. We are considered a very efficient support service provider for our customers. In addition, Eureka provides maintenance agreements to let you leverage the protective maintenance and enjoy your smart living without obstacles.

  • Enhancements
  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Support Agreements
  • Per Incident Maintenance

We Provide a Cost Effective Support Solution for You

Responsive: We are local to our customers

Our employees are always nearby. We have the right service levels and will customize them for you to provide you with time-sensitive response to critical functions. We respond when you need us and will arrive on-site to remedy your issue when needed.

Flexible: We are more flexible and available when needed

Eureka has the right support options to help you reduce your costs by providing a more responsive alternative to overpriced first level support. Where the suppliers providing mainly the first level support, are usually having less qualified specialists, with their hands full of small incidents, being too busy to respond quickly when really needed.

Focused on our business

With our employees thinking and breathing customers’ satisfaction, they can understand when the issues are critical, and how to save you from being affected by any issue.