How To Go Green

This is Our Social Responsibility towards Our Planet Earth.
It is not enough to prepare our children for the future. We must prepare the future for our children, or at least stop damaging their future.
Sustainability is a global issue. And although we can’t save the world alone, we should be doing what we can to be more efficient and reduce waste. It is not easy, and can’t be achieved overnight, but we should start:

  • Don’t support Open Buffets, the concept itself means that a full load of the buffet will be wasted at the end of the gathering, because it should look almost the same as when it was started. Which means that we don’t care about being efficient in our planet for our children and fellow humans. Going to this type of restaurants is a direct support to this harmful concept.

  • Charity, which is not only helping the people who are in need, but also reduces our wastes by finding some people who want to utilize the items that we no longer want to use.
  • Use Energy Star Appliances, such as washing machines, dryers, boilers, griddles and ovens.
  • Use Hybrid machines, when it is not possible to fully depend on renewable energy.
  • Use Energy Star Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, as some models have better insulation and use almost half as much energy as older models.
  • Get Rid of Styrofoam, which never biodegrades and switch to replacement products. And try to not support or buy from the places that still use them.
  • Reduce the use of Plastic, try to use re-usable shopping bags, environment friendly garbage bags, buy glass and paper enclosed items more than the items in plastic enclosures. Try to care about not using plastic, and you will start to find your way.
  • Install Flow Restrictions on Faucets, to limit the amount of water used in sinks, washing, and on dish machines. We can save millions of water gallons a year by installing flow restrictors as part of our Go Green effort.
  • Use Low Flush Toilets
  • Composting, and Recycling
  • Use Renewable Energy, as much as possible
  • Have Energy Efficient Ventilation and Building Insulation, especially in the hot and cold climate countries to reduce conditioning energy consumption.
  • Have Energy Efficient Lights and Computer Equipment, such as low energy LED lights, and energy star computers. Better with longer lasting lifetime to reduce waste.
  • Have Smart Home Controls, for more energy efficiency whilst lifestyle enhancement.
  • Grow as many plants as you can, and reduce using the products that depend on cutting the trees or destroying the plants.