Eureka Smart Living App is a handy, user friendly and efficient application for Eureka Smart Living platform that enables you to control your house, office, hotel or any Smart Property intelligently and smartly.

Features of Eureka Smart Living :
  • Multiple Rooms management and Zones management.
  • Intelligent Scene Controls and management .
  • Multi-users, you can give every family member own access of his own room or devices.
  • Multiple Language Support User Interface. Supports English, Arabic, Urdu with the ability to extend to any user defined language.
  • User Defined Voice Commands and Controls including English, Arabic and Urdu with the capability to support any language efficiently.
  • Amazon Eco-Alexa Voice Assistant Integration.
Eureka Smart Living Plugins Supports:
  • Z-wave, Zig-bee, Wi-Fi Sensors and devices.
  • BACnet Protocol.
  • Home Security Cameras.
  • Smart TV, Smart Sound System.
  • Mood Light – RGBW Light.
  • Curtain Controls.
  • Air-condition and HVAC integration.
  • Smart Door Bell.
  • Smart Intercom.
  • History Log.
  • Alerts and Notifications management.
  • Smart Appliances such as vacuum robots, coffee machine, etc…
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