Energy Saving Solutions

Eureka is committed to providing the most efficient energy solutions.
The solutions are concentrating on three dimensions, using energy efficient devices, continuous monitoring for energy transformation and consumption, making intelligent energy saving decisions and actions.

Hotel Energy Saving Devices

Energy usage is one of the highest operating expenses the hotel industry incurs and remains the second-largest cost hotels have to contend with, right behind labor. The cost of electricity has risen drastically in the past few years and will only continue to rise. On average, 90% of wasted electricity usage comes from the guest room, which can be your property’s most unmanaged resource (a guest room Air Conditioning/Heating (HVAC) system can represent 70-90% of that wasted electricity). Conservation is quickly becoming the cheapest and easiest solution to the problem.

The solution allows hotels and commercial buildings to optimize energy consumption by turning off lighting and adjusting climate control systems when people are not in the room for long periods of time.

Intelligent Occupancy Sensing

Intelligent Occupancy Monitoring, keeps track of the room’s activities and can identify when the room is not occupied anymore, and based on the un-occupancy state, the solution will trigger the energy saving mode which will reduce unnecessary power consumption.

Energy Monitoring

The solution depends on multiple sensing devices that monitor energy flowing and transformation, following are some of these monitoring devices:

Light Level Measuring
Monitors light level inside the room and can trigger energy saving decisions accordingly.

Window & Door Opening and Closing
Monitors the room’s heat exchange possibilities and room entry and exit paths that assist in taking energy saving decisions.

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
Keeps an eye on the temperature and humidity level and assists in taking energy saving decisions.

Water Leaking Monitoring
The solution monitors any extreme water leaking.

Energy Control

The solution provides the mechanism to control energy consumption by controlling HVAC, Power and Shades to achieve the best efficiency for energy consumption.