Eureka is a locally owned company with the head office located in Bahrain, committed to serving its customers in utilizing technology as a vehicle to reach their automated better life, while maintaining certain energy savings objectives.

Solutions & Services
Eureka is in the business of Engineering, designing, developing and delivering state of the art solutions that address the requirements of the marketplace utilizing the latest technology.
The company focuses on providing Smart Living, Automation & Control, Artificial Intelligent solutions and ICT services on major available platforms combined together to meet the ultimate market needs and requirements.

Research & Development 
Eureka believes and understands that Research and Development investment is the right path to achieving state of art, best of breed, innovative, competitive and cost-effective products and solutions. That is why Eureka has invested into its own R&D and Engineering Division that drives Eureka products and solutions adhering to vastly changing and evolving market needs and requirements.

The foundation of success at Eureka rests upon its guiding values-integrity, commitment, innovation, excellence-building and increasing its referrals base, and highly trained employees who are capable of continuously improving to adapt with the growing technologies and market needs.

Our Goal

is to advance the Smart Living concept by creating and integrating the solutions for feasible, available, yet eco-friendly smart spaces.

Our Vision

is to establish our leadership in the evolving Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Living and IOT industry. Extend our services to deliver successful solutions through the proper consumer requirements satisfaction, the deployment of new technologies, and contribute as much as possible to the environment saving and the Smart Cities and Smart Living concept.

Our Mission

is to contribute in Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Living and Internet Of Things industries by providing and successfully delivering a complete world class portfolio of intelligent solutions for luxurious, modern, environment friendly and easy to maintain spaces, while providing their operators and users the benefits of easy interaction, easy management, and easy support.

Success Engine

Eureka is specialized in the Smart Living concept to serve the people and help them achieve a better lifestyle in an environmentally friendly way that is also more economical in terms of energy spending. Hence, concentrating on the related business lines, gave us the edge of excellence, innovation, and the business knowledge.

We believe that the Success Engine is composed of:

  • Having Professional Skilled Resources with specialization and deep understanding of servicing the business lines.
  • Selecting the right Partners who have the right Products, in terms of commitment to the markets, features, growth and stability.
  • Ensuring our existing customers’ satisfaction, by providing the best of the bread products, excellent services, and growing faster than their needs; is invaluable to our business and is considered the most important factor.

In today’s world, kids who were born with an intelligent device in their hands are teenagers now; and in a few years they will start leading the market directions and the consumer trends. We need to be ready for these changes.